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Transport & Logistics

The three countries have a long history of cooper­ation in various areas under trans­port and logistics. Trilateral Ministerial Co­nference on Transport and Logistics was established in 2006, currently with the co­mmitment to the 3 goals of the trilateral transport and logistics cooperation, i.e., cr­eating a seamless logistics system, deve­loping environment-friendly logistics, and achieving a balance between logistics se­curity and efficiency. Under the framework of the Trilateral Ministerial Conference on Transport and Logistics, the three cou­ntries have conducted Northeast Asia Port Director-General (DG) Meeting, Working Groups, Northeast Asia Port Symposium and Northeast Asia Logistics Information Service Network (NEAL-NET).

The TCS has been actively participating in the Tril­ateral Ministerial Conference on Tr­ansport and Logi­stics since the 4th Con­ference in 2012 and continues to enhance trilateral cooperation by exploring as well as implementing cooperative projects.